GreenMobility ermöglicht es Dir, alle Anreisemöglichkeiten zu einem Ort, z.B. Stadt , Messe , Stadion , Brandenburger Tor etc., zu vergleichen.
Zusätzlich gibt es einen Überblick über alle wichtigen Informationen vor Ort: Nahverkehr, Hotels, Parken, Leihfahrräder etc.
Wähle einen Ort und los geht's!

What is Green Mobility?

Green Mobility is an innovative mobility platform that allows you quickly and inexpensively to get from A to B. Based on real-time information it gives you a clear comparison of different modes of transport

How does it work?

After entering of your location, destination and the date of departure, you get all information you need for your journey by rail, bus, car or ride sharing as well as the best offers and information regarding parking, public transport connections and accommodation, ...

Who can benefit from Green Mobility?

As a traveler you can easily plan your journey from A to B. As a city, an organizer or a company you enable a comfortable and an environmentally friendly journey for your visitors.

Long distance traffic

Comparison of travelcosts and traveltime

Local traffic

Means of transport for the "last mile"

Local information

Points of Interest


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Your own directions-platform

As a city, company, shopping center, event or exhibition you enable a comfortable and environmentally friendly journey for your visitors.

If you wish to have an own Green Mobility Platform for your event, venue or company please contact us.

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Mobility platform for eco-friendly journey

Based on real-time data, the Green Mobility platform gives you a clear comparison of different means of transport. It allows you to arrange quickly and inexpensive your journey to any place in Germany. We search all relevant providers for suitable offers, so you don’t need to waste your time browsing on many different websites any more.

Long distance traffic

If you plan a journey from your home to any desired destination, see arrival to get a quick overview over travel time and travel costs of different modes of transport such as rail, coach, car, ride sharing or plane.
At arrival by train you will find electronic timetable information regarding rail links including changes and delays. You can purchase your ticket online via our DB booking mask.
Under arrival by bus you will find via our partner and now on GreenMobility the fastest and cheapest bus services. You can buy your bus ticket online at the websites of bus services providers. The most popular destinations for bus travellers are: Berlin, Frankfurt am Main, München, Hamburg, Dortmund, Karlsruhe, Hannover, Dresden, Essen und Düsseldorf.
There is the integrated route planner with a map and directions as well as parking information at arrival by car. Ride sharing treats not only the budget of drivers and passengers but also protects the environment. On Green Mobility via our partner you can find car-sharing offers to Hamburg, Stuttgart, Hannover and many other cities.
Under arrival by plane you will find the Green Mobility airport portal, that shows you how to get the airport you need by different means of transport or how to get to your final destination from the airport. Airport transfer is, in this case, the most comfortable way. You will be picked up at your home and taken directly to your check-in counter, for example at Frankfurt airport or Berlin airport. Via our partner Holiday Extras we offer you packages which include parking, hotel and transfer to an airport at the best prices. Stay overnight before your departure or after your arrival at one of the Stuttgart airport hotels or at one of the Düsseldorf airport hotels and park your car for the duration of your trip. You can book parking spaces close the airport as well as park & hotel packages directly on Green Mobility.

Short distance traffic

For larger cites of Germany such as Berlin, Hamburg, München, Köln, Frankfurt we have already made own Green Mobility platforms. The most of them have electronic schedule information, also including current information regarding local public transport. So you will quickly and easily find the useful information not only how to get to the city you wish, but also the local transport connections, including information about changes as well as maps with stops.


The integrated CO2-Calculator shows you, how much CO2 your journey or your overnight stay at a hotel causes. On the site CO2-Calculator you can also find out how you can compensate your so-called individual CO2-footprint by certified climate protection projects. Our partner CO2OL compensates unavoidable CO2- emissions through sustainable reforestation of tropical mixed forests in Central America.

Your location on Green Mobility

If you wish to have an own Green Mobility platform for your event, venue or company please just contact us.