Arrival by Car DAS FEST

Arrival by Car DAS FEST

DAS FEST, Hermann-Veit-Straße 7, 76135 Karlsruhe

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Please keep in mind that you can come to the festival by bus or train in a comfortable and eco-friendly way!

Considering that DAS FEST does not have any of its own parking lots and the adjacent parking areas are insufficient, we generally recommend public transportation. Those who still wish to come by car should set the Europahalle as target on their GPS (Hermann-Veit-Str. 7, 76135 Karlsruhe). Or you could search for a ride…which saves the environment and can be fun!



recommended –starting from the A5 Karlsruhe MITTE (center) 
- take the so-called “Südtangente” (south expressway) to the K9657 towards Landau. Take exit 6 towards Bannwaldallee and turn LEFT at the light towards Bannwaldallee then go straight -> Caution! Please do not return onto the highway but go right onto the Bannwaldalle – this is an industrial zone. 
This is definitely the best option because most people go to the Europahalle. Here, you will find enough parking spaces along the Bannwaldallee and its side streets.
The little pedestrian bridges over the Bannwaldallee will lead you directly to the festival grounds.

not recommended – starting from the A5 Karlsruhe MITTE (center) - take the so-called “Südtangente” (south expressway) – to the K9657 – towards Landau- Take exit 4/5 to the Europahalle - then turn left right away into Herrman-Veit-Strasse- there are some parking spaces.
This option is not recommendable because the parking places near the Europahalle get filled quickly (the Europahalle is DIRECTLY at the festival).



Please see above– the only difference is that you would be coming from the other side, but you should take the “Südtangente” regardless of the direction you will be coming from.

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